Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lucky 7 Meme

Hi - I've been tagged by Cara Cooper to take part in the 'Lucky 7 Meme' which is going around. What I have to do is go to my current WIP (work in progress)  page 77, go to line 7 and paste the 7 sentences there. So here goes:
She did, didn’t she? He was dashing and attractive and charming. He was attentive too. Okay, he’d disappointed her with his lukewarm view on the slums but perhaps she was expecting too much from him. Not everyone would be interested in it. Besides, Jack hadn’t seen what she had. She was being too hard on him.
It's a bit strange seeing it out of context. I had to use 'Avril's Letter' for this (soon to be published) because my current WIP is only 4 pages long! Yes, I've started pocket novel number 5 and am still freshly on Chapter One.
Taking a little chunk like this at least lets you see if you've got a variety of sentence lengths and structure.
Now I'm supposed to tag 7 others but first I need to start connecting to other people's blogs. I'm finding it a steep learning curve blogging and linking and commenting...back soon.