Sunday, 15 April 2012

Getting Started

Welcome to my new blog. I know it looks a bit sparse right now but I hope as time goes by that I will be able to improve its looks!

You will see from my profile that I write pocket novels for the My Weekly collection. I have had four books published.
'Wild For Love' and 'Rescue my Heart' are now available as Large Print books from Ulverscroft - the Linford Romance series. Ask for them at your local library!!

Please look out for my next two pocket novels:

'Return to Barradale' comes out on May 30th 2012

'Avril's Letter' comes out on June 14th 2012 (possibly under a different title - I'll let you know).


Carol Hedges said...

Hi Carol from another Carol!! Good to have you blogging! Will start following you. Hope new ebook is a great success - do you think there's a 'right' time for publishing ebooks, as there is with paper fiction, or is any time the right time?

Carol MacLean said...

Hello Carol - yes, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everyone likes my E-Book! I think this is definitely the time to try E-Publishers, it seems to me that more and more people are buying E-Readers and downloading fiction is so wonderfully simple and quick. If you are a writer, I'd say go for it!