Thursday, 6 December 2012

Wildlife Diary -December - The Robin

For December's Wildlife Diary I had to chose the Robin of course. The Robin symbolises Christmas and appears on Christmas cards in various jolly poses. These usually include a line of robins all sitting happily together on a wire or fence.
In real life this would never happen. Robins are fiercely territorial and will fight with incomers. Males and females look the same but it's the males who fight most. Although you think of your 'own garden robin' in actual fact our robins are partial migrants. So when you are chatting to your robin, it may or may not be the same one you saw last week!


Sally Quilford said...

Hi Carol! The blog is looking great! Thanks for letting me know about it.

Cara Cooper said...

Lovely matey little birds robins, always there waiting for titbits whilst I'm digging

Patricia Keyson said...

Hello Carol,
Love the festive robin. Thanks for leading to us to your blog. Also, thanks for the info about the fact that our own garden robin probably isn't ours at all. That's a bit of a disappointment!
We'll visit again soon.
Ruth and Mary

Carol MacLean said...

Hey - thanks for finding my freshly painted blog and leaving comments. Sorry to disillusion you about the robin's habits!

Rachel MacLean said...

Hi Carol! I love this funny little creature whenever I'm out in my garden the robin is always hopping from branch to branch! I also can't wait to here more about your writing!

Rachel MacLean